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Relaxation: As our classic form of relaxation, this popular head to toe customized massage uses long fluid strokes to soften tight muscles and sooth frazzled nerves.
Stress Break: Designed for those short of time but needing help with acute distress such as headaches or neck, shoulder, and back pain.
Aromatherapy: The purest essential oils and botanicals are specifically selected for each guest in a deeply relaxing experience created to promote inner peace incorporating massage and aromatic essence.
Eagle Mountain Hot Stone: This Native American traditional healing therapy uses smooth, heated stones to massage the body bringing relief to tight muscles, sore joints, stressed emotions, and a weary spirit.
Pedi Karma: A warm aromatic foot bath followed by a concentrated massage of the feet, ankles and calves to stimulate pressure points that increase circulation and revitalize the entire body.
Table Thai: A fully clothed massage that has been described as having a yoga session done to you. Wonderful tension releasing stretches gentle pressure, deep breathing, and comforting rocking are elements of this peace of mind,ease of body massage.
Mother To Be: A soothing massage that eases many of the discomforts of pregnancy while promoting maternal well-being.
Therapeutic: Penetrating pressure for those looking for relief from chronic tightness, pain, deep muscle soreness, and fibromyalgia.

Take a Little Time: Maximum results in minimum time, this mini facial revives and refreshes the face, neck and décolleté. You'll feel relaxed and radiant. This facial is ideal for instant glow before a special occasion or a much needed pick me up.
Facelift Massage: Our signature treatment for rejuvenating mature skin. Special techniques lift, tone, and firm skin leaving you glowing for days. this luxurious treatment also includes massage of hands, feet, shoulders, and scalp for a wonderful relaxation retreat.
Gentleman's Facial: Cleansing and gentle exfoliation are followed by deeply restful massage of face, neck, scalp, and shoulders, fulfilling the refreshing traditional hot towel barber experience without the shave.
Back Beautiful: Deep cleansing and resurfacing treatment helps clear congestion, repair sun damage, and hydrates this often neglected, hard to reach area. Complimented by an organic mask to leave your back silky smooth and totally relaxed.

Tropical Fruit and Flower Facial: An organic facial therapy that incorporates a rare blend of botanical formulations mixed to your specific skin needs to cleanse, purify, and replenish the skin for brighter, tighter complexion. Also enjoy the Royal Thai Massage which melts tension from the face, neck shoulders, and scalp while being lulled into a blissful carefree state of mind. The best of both facial and massage.
Body Treatments: Thai Herbal Poultice Massage - Inspired by treatments to heal war weary soldiers of ancient Thailand, it is now perfect for work weary warriors of today. Beginning with acupressure to open energy channels and increase circulation, next enjoy the deep penetrating heat of these botanical bundles melting muscle tension. An aromatherapy massage is the ground finale of this three-part harmony. Restorative Eye Treatment - Let your eyes be pampered and rejuvenated with this amazing eye treatment that combats fatigue and irritation. The light touch of Shiatsu, lymphatic drainage and quenching floral serum will refresh "computer eyes".
Body WrapsKratchap Detox Body Ritual- This traditional detoxification ritual is developed to indulge you in the pleasures of a true Thai spa experience while you slim down and relax. Beginning with a moisturizing body scrub your skin is prepared for a body mask and massage using ginger, long pepper, and cinnamon improving skin tone and appearance of cellulite. Sawan Rejuvenating Body Delight - Give your body new skin. Ideally suited to ease away tensions and rejuvenate the senses extracts of pineapple and papaya re-balance skin moisture and restore vital energies for a wonderful healing experience.

Create your own personal spa package by adding any of our pampering enhancements to a massage or body treatment.

Japanese Foot Bath: Aromatic foot soak or paraffin dip and moisturizing massage.
Restorative Hand Treatment: Minimize the visible signs of aging with this hydrating hand treatment. A gentle exfoliation is followed by an anti-aging mask and a moisturizing hand massage.
Chakra Light Steam Bath: This steam treatment and the seven colors of healing light promote a balancing effect on the body and mind.
Hot Stones: These warm healing stones can be added to specific areas of tight, aching muscles.
Herbal Poultice: Energy point massage through the application of herbal poultice over back, neck, and shoulders to relieve stress, sooth tensions, and re-energize.




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